Les Twins arguably the best dancers in world have been a well kept secret to the world until recently. Now I know you probably wondering who are Les Twins? And if there so good why haven't I seen them? Well chance are you have seen them preform. If you watched the 2011 Billboard awards with Beyonce performance "Who Run The World" then you did see them. Also in this article includes Beyonce alternate video to "Who Run The World" which highlight there great dance moves. Keep a lookout for these two, it's just a matter of time before there moves take them to the big screen.

I've compiled some of their best stuff in my opinion  into these clips, and oh yea.. there french.....

Best spot to start would be 1:40

Here's there quick performance at The 2011 Billboard Awards

Don't battle these dudes

Seriously do not battle these dudes!

These two have so many good video just look them up Les Twins and enjoy :)

OK OK last one I promise!