I do not play with my food so I understand not messing around when it comes down to your favorite dish.  However there is a line to draw in defense of your plate.  A Florida man clearly crossed that line when he argued and stabbed his brother over beer and mac and cheese. 

Randy Zipperer, of Florida, got into a argument with his brother after his mac and cheese went missing.  While searching for his favorite dish, Randy's younger brother, Edward Zipperer, knocked over some beer.  The beer that was knocked over just so happened to be Randy's.

According to HuffingtonPost, the spilled brew pushed Randy over the line of sanity.  Randy decided to grab a knife and swing it around violently which ended up into his brother's stomach.  The police arrived to sort threw this bizarre situation and found Edward with a puncture wound in his abdomen.

Randy admitted to his lack of brotherly love over mac and cheese. The angry brother said,

"I poked him a little with the knife, but I didn't mean to."

He was arrested and charged with battery and obstructing an officer without harm.  Please understand that I have to crown Randy Zipperer of Florida as the idiot of the day. He could have easily got more mac and cheese and another beer.  There should never be a reason to stab your brother over food.

Do you believe Randy was over protective of his food and beverage or more is too the story?  Leave your response below in the comment section.