The NBA off-season is upon us, and all eyes are on Kevin Durant and his free agency. Will the four-time scoring champion stay in Oklahoma City, or will he decide to sign with the Knicks, Lakers, Wizards, Warriors, Celtics, Spurs or elsewhere? Today (June 24), Lil B weighs in, tweeting that he'll lift the Based God curse if KD joins the Knicks.

In late May, Kevin Durant and the Thunder lost in seven grueling games to the Warriors in the Western Conference Finals. Prior to the series, Lil B had tweeted that the Based God's curse on Kevin Durant was alive and well, and he predicted that the Thunder would fall.

It should be noted that this isn't the first time Lil B has shown love to the Knicks. It seems he has a second-favorite team after his hometown Warriors.

Whether you actually believe in the Based God's influence or not, this is certainly an interesting development. On Wednesday, the Knicks traded for former MVP Derrick Rose. Now, there are rumors floating around that Joakim Noah or Pau Gasol might soon be coming to Madison Square Garden, as well. Obviously, if KD somehow ends up in the Big Apple, it'll automatically launch the Knicks into title contention. A big three of Durant, Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis would be downright scary -- especially in the weaker Eastern Conference.

The Based God curse began back in 2011 when KD criticized Lil B's music. "I tried to listen to Lil B and my mind wouldn’t let me do it," Durant tweeted. "Can’t believe this guy is relevant."

For more information, check out the entire timeline of Lil B's Based God curse. Keep it locked to XXL as more news about the Based God curse surfaces in the coming weeks and months.

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