Flint's Kyle Kuzma has already made a big impression on the NBA after winning the Summer League MVP, and getting some major backing from Kevin Durant.

Kuzma played his high school ball at Bentley in Burton, but has put himself on the national stage with his great summer league performance with the Lakers.

After he and Lonzo Ball lead the Lakers to the championship, Kuzma was awarded the MVP for the championship game.  Considering all of the eyes were on Ball all summer long, this is a pretty big deal.  Some people might brush off the awards saying that it doesn't actually count, but Kuzma took great pride in winning and showed it on Instagram.

He did draw some heat from internet trolls all over the place, until one of the biggest names in basketball stepped in to get Kuzma's back.

Just stop for a second and put yourself in Kuzma's shoes.

Here is this kid from Genesee County that has had to work his butt off to get half of the recognition that his new teammates are getting.  He was overlooked by a lot of teams in the draft, and now he is getting quoted by Kevin Durant?! 

Kuzma will have many great days as an NBA ball player, but for now, this has to be one of the best.

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