Lil Baby is putting the cigarettes down for good and the Harder Than Ever rapper's got more than functional health reasons to thank for his decision.

On Wednesday (Sept. 11), the Quality Control Music rapper jumped on Twitter to tell the world that he was going to stop smoking cigarettes after he got some new veneers. "Today the day I stop smoking cigarettes," the Atlanta rapper wrote in the first of three tweets. "I’m Determine 😤plus I got new teeth."

Plenty has been written about how hard it is to put the cigs down, but here's to hoping Lil Baby can stay true to his goal. After all, smoking cigarettes and nice pearly whites don't usually go together.

Lil Baby's announcement arrives a few days after he unloaded his new video for "Out the Mud," a track that features an appearance from Future, another Atlanta artist who knows about getting riches from the dirt. In the new visual, both artists hit up various spots in the city as they let the song soundtrack their moves.

Check out Lil Baby's tweets about putting the cigarettes down and getting some new teeth for yourself just below. Peep Lil Baby's video for "Out the Mud" beneath the tweets.

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