David Burd, or as we all know him by "Lil Dicky" is a Philly rapper. But he isn't like most Philly rappers. He doesn't take himself serious, or talk about the struggle, or how hard he is. In fact the majority of the time Lil Dicky makes fun of himself. And he constantly talks about how he grew up in the suburbs. When it comes to rap, Lil Dicky is not the norm, but the cool part is he knows it and he embraces it.

Check out this dope back and forth style song that features Snoop Dogg, as the two talk about why DIcky should rap.

I'm not going to lie when I first heard this song, I quickly jumped on the Lil Dicky bandwagon, and I never fell off of it. I know this is an older song but this is an early glimpse of his possible greatness.

He is a breath of fresh air, who has recently made the XXL Freshman Class.