UPDATE (Sept. 9):

Lil' Kim has responded to the backlash she received after people speculated she was dissing Nicki Minaj's son on Megan Thee Stallion's "Plan B (Remix)."

"I never said a word about anyone's child," Kim wrote in her Instagram Story. "Please feel free to listen to the song where we were clearly talking about an EX. To try and twist my words to have an excuse to take digs at my child is disgusting. I'm one of the most disrespected legends in the game but what you will not do is come for my child."

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People think Lil' Kim is dissing Nicki Minaj's son on Megan Thee Stallion's "Plan B (Remix)," and the Brooklyn, N.Y. rap veteran is catching heat for the bars.

On Thursday evening (Sept. 8), Megan Thee Stallion's new "Plan B (Remix)" featuring Lil' Kim hit the internet after Funkmaster Flex premiered the song on his Hot 97 radio show. The track finds the Queen Bee setting off her verse with some bars that many people think are aimed at her arch-nemesis Nicki Minaj.

"Nigga, you's a bitch, your father's a bitch, your brother's a bitch/Keep acting like this and your son gon' be a bitch," she starts her verse on the updated version of the popular track.

People on social media have surmised Nicki's family is the target of the bars and blasted Kim for bringing the Queen rapper's son into the mix.

"Lil Kim has some nerve speaking on Nicki Minaj’s child’s appearance knowing damn well she’s been through a thousand faces in her lifetime and not one of them helped maintain her appeal," one Twitter user wrote. "Talking about her son’s eyes don’t look right when her whole face doesn’t even look right."

"I cried and laughed so hard listening to that plan B remix a second time," someone else posted. "Megan Thee Stallion and Lil Kim deserve all the smoke for that diss towards @NICKIMINAJ son. The song was garbage and sounded like it was recorded over a jailhouse call."

"Lil' Kim dissing Nicki Minaj's son Papa Bear... fuck wrong with that hag," another person posted. "Roman is back bitch.. he fucked up your life last decade this time, remember that? remember that bitch??"

50 Cent has also weighed in on the uproar caused by the track. He posted a side-by-side photo comparing Lil' Kim to an owl and wrote the caption, "QGTM @nickiminaj you better light her ass up i’m watching. she said something about the baby, ‍♂️her baby eye fucked up. LOL."

Kim reacted to Fif's diss in the comments typing, "Still mad about that date I see. I aint know u was this mad tho. Damnnn. Fuck boi. Glad u was [listening] tho song was for u."

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lil kim responds to 50 cent on Instagram after apparent nicki minaj diss

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