A Michigan man is lucky to be alive after being attacked by a grizzly bear this week while on a hunting trip.

The attack took place near Glennallen, Alaska according to Alaska Public Media. Nicholas Kuperus and his hunting partners were near the upper east fork of the Indian River when they came upon a sow grizzly bear with three cubs. Surprised by the hunters, the grizzly immediately attacked 33-year-old Kuperus leaving him seriously injured.

 “Kuperus was attacked by the sow and received serious puncture wounds to his arms but was able to deter and stop the attack using bear spray", according to Alaska State.Troopers.

Kuperus was able to reach Alaska Wildlife Troopers with a satellite communication device. The Troopers then landed a  small plane on a nearby ridge top and picked Kuperus up and fly him out of the area. He was then transported in an ambulance to a Glennallen hospital for treatment. Currently, his condition is unknown, and the other hunters were unharmed.

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Alaska accounts for 29.6 percent of all fatal bear attacks in the United States, making Alaska the U.S. state with the most bear attacks. Alaska also is one of the few places in the country that has all three species of North American bears, grizzly, brown, and polar,  living in it.

Most bear attacks occur because the bear feels protective or threatened, according to petkeen.com. Bears can also attack when they’re startled or surprised this case the bear was most likely protecting its cubs.


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