Lil Pump almost had a very expensive trip to the golfing range.

The Harverd Dropout rapper visited Top Golf in Miami for some fun on Friday night (March 22), but almost ended up with a $100,000 loss after one of his rings flew off while he was teeing off. Video that has surfaced on the internet shows Pump and Top Golf staff out on the range searching for the six-figure bling. "I'm at Top Golf right now. I hit the ball so hard my ring flew off and landed over here," Pump said in the clip.

A staff member ended up finding the ring near the nets surrounding the range, a good distance from where the rapper had been standing. "I just found my fucking ring," Pump exclaimed. "That shit went from all the way up there to all the way down here. $100,000 ring, I just got it back."

Top Golf's official Twitter feed posted about the incident along with video of the ring's recovery. "Whether you’re @lilpump or just a lil frustrated you lost something in the outfield, we’ll assist you in getting it back," they captioned the vid. "Please just ask us first, we'll be happy to assist."

The South Florida rapper replied, "Thank you for helping me find my 100 thousand dollar ring."

He later addressed the incident on his Instagram Story after getting called out by his fans. "Everybody coming and saying I don't know how to hit a golf ball, y'all fucking stupid, bitch, because I do know how to hit a golf ball. You fucking idiot," he snapped.

Check out footage of Pump's search for his ring below.

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