More than 40 Million people voted for their favorite player to land the 'Madden 25' cover, and in the end Detroit Lions legend Barry Sanders walked away with the crown.

The final vote came down to an old school versus new school vote that put Sanders against current MVP Adrian Peterson.  In an ESPN SportsNation presentation ceremony, Barry and Adrian were both on stage for the announcement.  The old school legend walked away with the crown as Sanders hoisted the new cover over his head for the crowd.

I have to wonder how much the people at EA Sports payed that crowd to get so excited.  I realize that Madden is a big deal, but damn!  If there is no live sporting event, there is no reason to bust out the body paint!

Peterson definitely deserves as much recognition as anyone during this whole process, but Barry is arguably the most exciting player the NFL has ever seen.  Peterson hit Twitter after the ceremony to show his respects.


If there are any Sanders doubters out there you only have two excuses for your misjudgement:

1) You were born in the mid to late 90's, and never actually saw Barry play.

2) You know nothing about anything.

It really doesn't matter which of these problems ails you, because all you have to do is watch this Barry Sanders highlight video to understand.