The MHSAA is actually exploring the idea of making video gaming a varsity sport.

Just so we're all on the same page here, one of the A's in MHSAA stands for Athletic. They are the governing body over all high school sports in Michigan. It seems like it would be their job to prevent video games from becoming a varsity sport, but instead, they are considering endorsing them.

FOX2 talked to a rep from the MHSAA and he pointed out the fact that many colleges across the country have scholarship programs for video gaming, including Michigan State!

Right now the process is just in the idea phase, but they hope to have some kind of conclusion by October of this year. Luckily at least 64 schools have to agree to sponsor an activity for it to become a varsity sport. I would think that there are not 64 athletic directors who would consider this.

As much as I disagree with the idea of egames becoming a varsity sport, I can't deny the popularity of the games. The fact that so many colleges have jumped on the esports bandwagon is mind-blowing. There are even tutorials about how to get an esports scholarship.

I searched the internet to see if any other states have sanctioned video gaming as a varsity sport, and Arizona is the only one I could confirm 100%.

I don't want to sound like I'm dogging kids that play video games. I have an 11-year-old son that loves to play, and probably loves them more than actual sports. I know it takes a lot of hand/finger coordination and mental capacity to play. I just don't think that it should be considered anything more than an activity.

Sports IRL have a component that video games will never be able to duplicate. Sure the competitive aspect is there, along with the need to practice, but it's just not the same. The main thing missing is the real-life interaction with other athletes, fans, and coaches. Learning to win and lose in front of a crowd without just being able to hit reset.

Maybe it's the old dad in me talking, but it just seems impossible to learn any real-life lessons from staring at a screen watching an avatar do the things that your own body can do itself. Sure it's fun, but is it good for you?

I know there are a ton of people that will disagree strongly with me, but the real question is if video gaming becomes a varsity sport, would you want your kid to play?

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