Barry Sanders joined thousands of fans on Twitter to complain about the horrible officiating during the Lions loss on Monday night.

Detroit started hot, and all of us were thinking that the Lions were on their way to a big win. Things started to change toward the end of the second quarter when the Lions had 12 men on the field during a Packers FG. That ended up in a touch down for Green Bay, but it wasn't what made fans so mad.

The tipping point for all Lions fans came later in the game when the refs made two terrible "hands to the face" calls against Trey Flowers. You can tell by the video below that there were clearly no hands to the face.

The video does not lie.

This happened TWICE late in the game, and both were at crucial moments.

Things were so bad that even Lions legend Barry Sanders tweeted about the calls.

Keep in mind that Barry Sanders is a fairly soft spoken guy. He doesn't pop off about much of anything, so you know he must have been fired up to actually tweet this.

Sanders was not alone, even Desmond Howard (who played for the Packers) tweeted about the terrible calls.

Everyone that is not a Lions fan will talk about the field goals instead of touchdowns, but nothing excuses terrible calls late in the game.

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