On Monday (Oct. 14), TMZ published a report stating that a Hot 97 "executive" said the station has never really been fans of the embattled rapper and that they have no plans to play his music upon his release. Shortly after the report was published, Hot 97 personality Ebro set the record straight.

"All execs @HOT97 deny speaking to anyone @TMZ," Ebro wrote in a tweet, "So this means that Tekashi marketing machine is revving up to rally his on-line #Bots and drive stories."

A fan responded noting that the station would be hypocritical to ban the Brooklyn rhymer's music when they play other "gangbangers," which Ebro then noted was a "great point."

"So you guys are gonna not play 69 music but yet play gangbangers n whoever else thats ok," the fan wrote. "Fuck outta here who cares if he snitched did it affect you in anyway nope."

6ix9ine reportedly just signed a $10 million deal with his former label, 10k Projects, to record two albums upon his release from prison. It's been reported that one will be recorded in English and the other will be recorded in Spanish. As for his looming release, the rapper's sentencing has been scheduled for Dec. 18 at 10 a.m. EST. 6ix9ine reportedly expects to be released following the sentencing for his cooperation with federal authorities for the trial.

XXL has reached out to 10k Projects for comment.

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