It seems like every kid goes through a phase where they absolutely love Dinosaurs.  They will play with Dino toys, read books about them and maybe even see a skeleton of a Dinosaur in a museum.

It's not until they see a moving Dinosaur that's bigger than them, that their love is put to the test.

I remember taking my son Narls to 'Sloan' to see their Dinosaur exhibit and learning that lesson first hand.  The games, the fossil dig and the coloring were all great.  It wasn't until he saw the moving T-Rex that he decided maybe it was time to leave.

That's the feeling that Zach has in this video, with one major difference.  Zach is outside with no protective wall, and the T-Rex is growling at him.  When you take in all the factors here, Zach made the best possible decision.

One of the best parts is at the end when his dad waits till Zach is a mile away before giving the most insincere, "come back" of all time.

Zach Runs From A Robot Dinosaur