There are two things I will never understand.

Why does Hollywood always mess up a perfectly good movie by making a sh*tty sequel?

Why is this 3-D phenomenon still going on, and besides Avatar 3-D when will Hollywood make a decent 3-D movie?

Steven Spielberg and the rest of his crew had the great idea of re-releasing their timeless classic 'Jurassic Park' and introducing it in 3-D form.

Even though to me, this very simple and idiotic idea will most likely add an extra $100 million to this franchise, and I still think this idea is stupid.In 1993 Steven Spielberg directed this movie about a group of people going to an "amusement park" with real live dinosaurs.

When the group of people arrive on the isolated island this quickly go wrong.

At the time this movie that was once a novel featured state of the art graphics that are still pretty impressive to this day.

The first Jurassic Park movie eventually grossed over $357 million.

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