"Sixty dollars bro? That's all you gonna take?"

Imagine trying your best to rob a Little Caesars cash register with a crowbar and getting clowned by the employees working the front counter. That's exactly what happened at a Little Caesars location in New Jersey this weekend.

A thief walked in with a crowbar and tried to pry open the register. He was obviously frustrated with how hard being a criminal actually is, and only walked out with $60.

The Little Caesars workers recorded the entire thing on their cell phone, even making fun of him for his heist. My favorite part is that the criminal genius comes back in to the store before leaving to wipe his fingerprints off of the register.


I don't think the police need to dust the place for prints when they can see exactly who did it on video.

Salute to the guys working at this Little Caesars by the way. How often do you hear about someone going into hero mode and stopping the thief, only to be fired afterward. These guys were more than content to just record it, call 911 and enjoy the comedy show.

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