Lizzo is returning to her hometown of Detroit today for a couple of Joe Biden campaign stops.

There have been a lot of loud voices during this election season, so it's understandable if you've missed what Lizzo has had to say. She has been very active in getting her fans excited about voting. She even started her own voting campaign on social media earlier this month.

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It should come as no surprise that Lizzo would be active on the campaign trail given her passion for activism. She just recorded an interview with David Lettermen and has a couple of clips from the interview on her IG page. One of the most powerful quotes to come from the interview was when Lizzo was talking about her activism. She told Dave, "I'm sick of being an activist because I'm fat and black. I want to be an activist because I'm intelligent, because I care about issues, because I want to help people."

Lizzo is going to be making two campaign stops in Detroit this afternoon according to ClickonDetroit. The first stop is scheduled for 3pm where Lizzo is expected to speak at a volunteer canvas event. The second stop is directly after that starting at 5:30 where Lizzo will speak to a crowd at Harper Woods. Neither event has publicly announced an exact location.

This won't be the first time Lizzo has shown support for the Democratic candidates. In mid September, Lizzo held a virtual rally for Kamala Harris. You can watch the virtual rally below.

Check out the rappers that have shown support to Trump during the campaign below.

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