For some crazy reason Donald Sterling goes on a racial tirade arguing with his girlfriend.

Apparently he his upset that his girlfriend who by the way is half Latino and half African American 'broadcast her relationships with the blacks on the Instagram.Oh did I mention that Donald Sterling is very smart, very accomplished business man, former attorney, and owner of the NBA's Los Angeles Clippers.

Yes the same NBA that in 2011 consisted of 78% of its players being African American, which I'm pretty sure the numbers are exactly identical in 2014, and yes the same Los Angeles Clippers that have only ONE Caucasian player on their active roster.

The whole awkward conversation started when Don Sterling's girlfriend V. Stiviano, took a picture with Magic Johnson and then posted that picture on Instagram.

I guess oh Dashing Don wasn't too keen on that especially when his friends had to call him to tell what the deal was.