It may seem hard to believe, but the majority of men are willing to admit that they can not dress themselves.

According to a new survey, 60% of men say they consult with their wife or girlfriend on what to wear before they go to work.

While asking, "Does this look OK?" is one thing . . . it only goes down hill from there. found that more and more men are unable to even tie their own tie.

58% of guys have their partner tie their tie, to me this is a basic right of manhood.  Every man should be able to tie at least two different types of knots for their necktie.

The most depressing stat in the entire survey is easily that20% don't even TRY to pick anything for themselves, and have their partner prepare an outfit for them daily.

If you have reached this point you are no longer a man, and are just an over-sized Barbie Doll for your woman to play dress up.