A man was killed over the weekend after a freak accident occurred during a baby shower in Genesee County.

The baby shower was happening in Gaines Township, which is just south of Swartz Creek. According to Mid-Michigan Now, the party took place on Saturday evening. During the party a cannon was fired to celebrate, and that's when the tragedy happened. The cannon actually exploded sending shrapnel everywhere. The fragments struck the garage, and cars, and the Hartland man who was killed.

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The 26 year old Hartland man was sent to Hurley Medical Center, and later died due to the extent of his injuries. The Michigan State Police were immediately on the scene along with the bomb squad due to the nature of the accident.

My heart hurts for the families involved in this accident. A baby shower is a celebration of new life, and to have something like this happen is heartbreaking.

The Michigan State Police did release a statement about the cannon that caused the tragedy.

The cannon that was fired at the event was similar to a Signal Cannon, more commonly used now as a novelty item. The homeowner had purchased the cannon at an auction prior to the event and had fired the cannon several times prior.

The police are following up on the case, but it is not expected that any charges will result from the tragedy. Our hearts are with the families impacted by this tragic accident.


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