A good samaritan returned $27,000 in cash to a Michigan Credit Union after finding it next to an ATM.

George Condash, of Westland, MI, happened to see what he thought was trash sitting next to an ATM at Westland Federal Credit Union. Being a good samaritan that he is, he decided to pick up the plastic box so other drivers wouldn't hit it or have to drive around it. As he picked it up, he realized that it was a cash cassette filled with money that was apparently left behind by an armored security guard.

The cassette itself was labeled and the tag said it contained $40,000. Without hesitation, Condash decided to return the money to the Westland Federal Credit Union. The credit union even gave Condash a small token of appreciation for his honesty.

See, there are still good people in the world, however, I would not want to be the security guard that left it behind.

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