Is your city in the top ten most populated in Michigan? Find out here.

Despite having a lot of rural areas, lakes, and open land, Michigan does have some pretty big cities. It is pretty obvious to most that Detroit is the most populated in the state, but which cities fall in line after that?

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After asking this question around the office, most answers came back relatively the same. When asked, most co-workers responded with Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, and Lansing as the next most populated cities in Michigan. While those three are in the top ten, their actual number may surprise you.

Let's look at Detroit first. According to, Detroit had a population of 624,177 in 2022, obviously making it the most populated city in Michigan. The next city in line is Grand Rapids with a 2022 population of 201,093. Once we hit the number three spot though, things may not be what you think.

The number three spot goes to a city that I never would have thought of in terms of being most populated. That city had a 2022 population of 140,453 and yes, you'll have to scroll down for the answer.

When it comes to the rest of the list of the ten most populated cities in Michigan, I wasn't surprised by most of the entries. However, I was surprised to see Westland on the list. That one surprised me mainly because I have no idea where it is and couldn't tell you what there is to do there. I've never heard anyone say "Hey, let's go to Westland tonight." Ever. Either way, it is on the list.

Check out the ten most populated cities in Michigan below.


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