Marlon Wayans is going to be in Flint for a show in July at the Capitol Theater.

Marlon took the time to call me this week to talk about his upcoming show. The tough part about doing a morning show is that when you talk to celebrities, they might not be about that morning life.

Marlon started the interview by telling me that this was his one day to sleep in! I feel for you Marlon, honestly! That just makes me appreciate the fact that he got on the phone to talk even more.

Marlon is a busy guy and always seems to have one or two projects going at the same time. I found out his secret to keeping up on his kids activities though while he is on the road.

He also talked about one of his most proud parenting moments, that really isn't something to be proud of, but as a sports dad, I completely agree.

Make sure to grab tickets to his show at the Capitol Theater in Flint on July 19th. His standup routine is hilarious, and the Capitol is the perfect place for a summer night out in Flint.

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