Mayor Cory Booker's week long food stamp challenge is unique and very dope.  The Mayor of Newark, New Jersey took on a challenge from his followers from Twitter to live as if he was on food stamps for a week. Booker accepted the challenge and has documented his progress.

Mayor Booker is a vegetarian so he will not be purchasing any meat during this time. Booker has to survive off just $29.78 for the entire week.  Ever though his allowance is low, it is actually higher than the average amount of $28.

Yesterday, December 3rd, 2012, Mayor Booker tweeted out a picture of this receipt.  After posting the image, followers responded.  Check out some of there tweets below.

Food Stamp Receipt

I think it is admirable for Mayor Booker to take on this challenge to see how it feels to live on government assistance.  His move to take the challenge has already opened the eyes to residents in Newark to think of the less fortunate.  I am reflecting now wondering what I can do to be a better steward over my finances when dealing with food.

What are your thoughts on Mayor Booker taking on this challenge.

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