McDonalds responds to a hoax that was done over the weekend and spread like wildfire over the net. Someone created a sign that seemed to be an official letter from McDonalds Corporation referring to them charging black people more due to a string of recent robberies.

On Saturday McDonalds issued a tweet stating :

"That pic is a senseless & ignorant hoax McD's values ALL our customers. Diversity runs deep in our culture on both sides of the counter."

This same type of thing happened last year and was shut down. But this type of stuff keeps happening to the giant burger chain. Many people are already showing their dislike for Mcdonalds and their fatty foods. A lot of this started years ago with a film/documentary called "Super-Size" me. But this has nothing to do with food. This has to do with some idiot starting a not all funny joke and I take offense to that as a Black person in America. I hate that people get to do stuff and say whatever on the web and never get caught.

Here are a few tweets from McDonalds about the issue.


McDonalds McDonald's

@BieberBurrito This is a HOAX: McDonald's Issues Official Statement On Racist Sign


McDonalds McDonald's
That Seriously McDonalds picture is a hoax
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