State officials have approved three locations to deliver cannabis directly to your door. Michigan's marijuana game is evolving quickly. 

According to MLive, officials have issued the state's first three licenses for home delivery to three Michigan provisioning centers, two in Detroit (BotaniQ and Utopia Gardens) and one in Portage (Lake Effect).

Marijuana delivery is a highly sought after useful service for medical marijuana patients who have limited mobility, of which there may be more than you realize. “We know a lot of the patients we’re going to be delivering to -- a lot of them are in wheelchairs,” said Jevin Weyenberg, general manager of Lake Effect in Portage.

Michigan is becoming the new Colorado way quicker than I thought, which is a good thing. Especially if we can push all that growth towards Flint. I feel like the taxes on cannabis alone would play a major key in revitalizing our city. Just look at how much money Colorado is making off cannabis via taxes. So for me, this is great news.

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