We're living in a day when virginity can be bought to the highest bidder online.  A medical student has placed her virginity online and the bid is currently at $800k.  Is this acceptable now?

Elizabeth Raine, 27 years old, is shelling out her precious gift to whoever wants to pay the most money for it.  From her website, she claims to have two bachelor degrees and currently a medical student.

The winner of her virginity bid will win a 12 hour date with her in which she will offer her virginity.

Raine initially wanted to keep her identity a secret but told the Huffington Post she had a change of heart.

"I didn't like the anonymity. People mistake it for shame."

I am not sure if this a publicity stunt or a serious attempt to become rich off of a 12 hour encounter.  We've seen the auctioning virginity before but never the results of it.  I hope this is a scam.  Ladies, keep your gift for the man of your dreams not $800k.

What are your thoughts?