The phrase "beer run" is now officially on the endangered species list now that Meijer is getting into the booze home delivery game.

Beginning today (7/11/17) Meijer is launching their alcohol home delivery service via the Shipt, which also provides grocery delivery services and more. The service will be available at stores all across Michigan, but, as you probably guessed, it does come at a price.

A Shipt membership will run you $14/month if you pay-as-you-go, or you can save a bit by paying for the $99 yearly membership up front. In addition to the membership, orders less than $35 will carry a $7 delivery fee. Once you factor in the amount of time you could save by NOT wandering around the store, and the amount of money you'll save by NOT impulse buying a bunch of stuff you don't need -- the cost of the service seems negligible.

Despite what most people have been assuming (based on Facebook comments alone), you won't be able to call Meijer at 1:30a, tell them you're almost out of Natty Light, and expect them to show up at your house with a 30-bomb by 2:30a. Deliveries can only be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance. Maybe someday we'll get that late night beer drop-off service, but we're not there yet. Baby steps, people.

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