The Mother's day Massacre left 49 to 70 headless bodies tangled and scattered in field. If you've been living under rock then you wouldn't know about the huge Drug Cartel war that's happening in Mexico. Lets just I suggest you think twice about going on vacation there.

(Yahoo News)

Mother's Day massacre in Mexico—49 to 70: The corpses, mostly men, were dumped Sunday on a highway in Cadereyta, Nuevo Leon, about 75 miles outside Texas. The corpses's heads, hands, and feet had been chopped off. First reports estimated there were 49 headless bodies, but the count may actually be closer to 70; the actual number won't be known until the body parts are untangled.

According to Borderland Beat, these deaths resulted from a power struggle between the two largest drug cartels and were reportedly timed for Mother's Day, May 10 in Mexico—and a day when some mothers marched to protest the government's failure to stop the killings.

Los Zetas retaliated against the butchering spree by Sinaloas and its newest ally, the Gulf Cartel. The Gulf Cartel has been fighting with the Zetas since 2010 for Nuevo Leon turf. (Mexico has 32 states, and Nuevo Leon borders Texas.) Years ago, the Zetas were the gunmen for the Gulf Cartel.

[via Y! Big Story: Mexico’s six-year drug war behind the Mother’s Day massacre | Trending Now - Yahoo! News.]