It seems like Florida has become the old California when it comes to police corruption and brutality.  The Trayvon Martin case is still on going and it doesn't seem to end anytime soon.  Now Florida is in the news for a police brutality case after a Miami Dade County Police officer assaulted a 14 year old for no reason.

Tremaine McMillian, 14 years-old, was choked by police for staring at them and it was caught on tape by his mother.  While enjoying the beach with his family, the young teenager was slammed to the ground and choked.

The police engaged McMillian after seeing two boys horse playing.  When the police asked McMillian to escort them to his parents, he produced a threatening stare and stance that cause the officers to assault him police revealed.

McMillian has been charged with felony resisting a police officer, violence and disorderly conduct.  I think the police officer's should be charged for assaulting a citizen especially with no legit reason.  What threat did a 14 year old boy present when you have a gun?

This is just another sad reason why police brutality and harassment should be taken serious.  Police officers clear failed in this situation and true blue will protect their own.

Do you think the police officers were excessive or was McMillian at fault?  Leave your response in the comment section below.