While Michigan is purportedly ahead of most of the nation in adding jobs to the workforce, a new report finds that these positions are not contributing to a more prosperous environment.

In a report from Michigan Future Inc, it shows the state has added enough jobs over the past few years to be ranked one of the Top 10 best in the nation. Unfortunately, these positions are not doing anything to drive up the state’s per capita income, which is now around the 38th worst.

Sadly, Michigan places near the bottom in terms of having an adult workforce, ranking 42nd across the land in employed 25-64 year olds.

Lou Glazer, president of Michigan Future Inc, says that Michigan is still in the tank despite adding over 440,000 jobs since 2009. The reason? The economy has changed shape.

“You cannot say now that the reason we’re lagging in all these metrics is because we have a declining economy,” Glazer said. “We have a growing economy and we’re still low in per capita income and the proportion of adults who work. This is the first time in a booming auto economy that Michigan has been a low-prosperity state. It’s because the economy changed.”

Glazer says in order for Michigan to join the ranks of the prosperous, it must first get serious about education. The state is ranked 33rd in adults with a four year degree or better.

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