The Big 10 surprised football fans last week with the announcement that there would be an abbreviated football season.

The initial decision to cancel the fall football season met a ton of pushback, and eventually Big 10 officials decided it was safe to play. They made the announcement without a full schedule, and after a couple of revisions, finally released the final schedule this weekend. There are definitely no off weeks for the teams, as the Big 10 is packing as much action as it can into 8 weeks.

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There are plenty of big matchups, and the shortened season will include a Big 10 Championship game in December. Check out the full Big 10 Schedule below.

College Football fans in Michigan are going to be in for a whirlwind of rivalries, and make or break games. Neither Michigan or Michigan State are expected to compete for the Big 10 Championship, and a lot of that could be due to their tough schedules.

Let's look at Michigan first.

Except for Rutgers, pretty much every game on that schedule is going to be a tough one.

The Wolverines get one game before the home opener, which will also be the biggest game of the year against Michigan State. If U of M pulls out some sort of magic this year and runs the table, they'll have their nemesis Ohio State waiting in the last game of the season.

This could be a really ugly season for Michigan fans.

The Michigan State schedule is not much easier.

The Spartans start off with their easiest game of the season, then travel to Ann Arbor for the biggest game of their season. MSU does catch a break in not having to play Wisconsin this year, but they do have a tough road game in Iowa in week three.

I don't know if playing football is the right decision, but I do know you shouldn't blink this season. This 8 game schedule ensures that every game is make or break for all of these teams. I'm excited to see how it will all play out, and who knows, maybe MSU or U of M could shock the world this year.


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