One thing we all cannot agree on is politics. To say tensions are high over the presidential election is an understatement. People are passionate about their candidate of choice, and are ready to argue with anyone who does not one hundred percent agree. It really is exhausting.

People will go to the extremes, and although stealing a political yard sign may not seem that extreme to some - it is in the eyes of the law (and to me). Stealing anything from someone is complete BS. According to FOX UP TV 6, the punishment in Michigan for stealing a political sign is actually a misdemeanor, which could result up to 90 days in jail, and a fine up to $500. Worth it? I would think not.

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The penalty is the same throughout the state of Michigan. As a matter of fact, the Grand Blanc Township Police Department posted the same information on their Facebook page today. You can see that post below.

My mother told me recently she was raised to not talk about politics and religion. That actually sounds nice on some levels. I am not sure about religion, but I know damn well these days you cannot have an intelligent conversation with someone that does not share your political beliefs. That really is to bad. I know people that have ruined life long friendships over politics. Not worth it. Obviously neither is stealing a political sign.

A heads up for those of you that do display political signs in your yards -  signs must be removed within 10 days following an election. You know we don't need a sign to remind us of who wins - we will all be reminded by people on social media for the next four years, daily.

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