Hell is for sale…and Damned wants to buy it. Earlier last week, it was announced that Hell, Michigan was up for sale, and now a group of artists from the Detroit area, who refer to themselves as “Damned," have launched a Kickstarter campaign to buy it.

The organization hopes the campaign will allow them to raise the $999,666 needed to purchase the 5 acres hellish of Putnam Township, with plans to raise additional funds to build an arts and event center on the property.

"Our idea is to utilize the back land area to build an enclosed, temperature-controlled structure that will allow for more elaborate event productions in Hell," Anthony DVS told the Livingston Daily. "This would allow us to expand our productions to include an annual festival with performance, music and art. It will also allow for other productions to consider Hell for their events, such as small concerts, theater productions, wedding receptions, corporate parties and the like."

As it stands, the organization has raised over $47,000 from 11 backers. They have until March 22 to raise the remainder of the funds.

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