Cannabis is the new cash crop and Michigan is taking more steps to crack down on the small loopholes that gas stations and other businesses abuse to sell untested products.

I think this is a great move, a lot of small shady businesses are still involved in the cannabis market in Michigan and this should help clean things up a bit. 

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The legislation would include all THC products in the legal definition of marijuana, therefore subjecting all such products to the same level of testing, regulation and restrictions. THC is the main compound in cannabis and marijuana products that gets users high.


Due to the current narrow definition of marijuana in state law, gas stations and smoke shops in Michigan have been able to sell other hemp-derived products, which have similar intoxicating effects.

This bill will basically pull any products that haven't been tested and prevent minors from getting their hands on any products with traces of THC. I'm all for the legalization of cannabis, but I'm mostly concerned about the caregivers in Michigan and their caregiver rights being taken away.

This bill isn't claiming that it will target caregivers in Michigan, but you can feel winter coming. And slowly but surely the big wigs are setting up the cannabis market to be swept away by big corporations. Keep your eye on the current market, because things will look really different by the end of the year.

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