A Child Care home of Crystall Lute in Caro Michigan has had its license suspended after an investigation from a complaint found multiple violations.

Things like this rub me the wrong way the moment it comes across my radar. After reading some of the violations that they're being accused of, I got pretty upset.

LARA says the following violations were found:

  • Lack of appropriate care and supervision
  • Household member’s suitability and conduciveness to the welfare of children
  • Failure to notify the Department after receiving an allegation of inappropriate contact with a child

The last violation on that list really has me upset. Why would anyone fail to notify about inappropriate contact? That's every parent's nightmare. The idea that your child could be in an inappropriate situation with an adult would make any parent ready to raise hell. The details from the situation are somewhat vague but, the violations that are being listed are enough to paint the picture. From the look of it, the suspension should prevent that place from opening up until the investigation is complete.

The suspension prohibits Lutes from:

  • operating a family child care home at 299 Cass River Drive, Caro, or at any other address or location

  • accept children for care after that date and time

Source: NBC25.com

That should keep things on ice until the police can finish their investigation. Either way stuff like this does irreparable damage to the reputation of child care homes. I know after reading this report I probably won't trust anyone outside of my family to watch my kids. But then again, I don't have any kids and everyone's situation is different.

I'm just saying...

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