Soon, Michiganians will no longer have to fork over the 6% sales tax on tampons and other feminine products. Michigan's so-called 'Tampon Tax' is being rolled back, thanks to legislation signed today by Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

The change will take effect in early February of 2022.

Whitmer signed the legislation at a public event held today (11/4) at the Lansing Food Bank.

"By repealing the tax on menstrual products, we are saving families from paying taxes on up to $4,800 in spending over the course of a lifetime," Whitmer said. "And this is a bipartisan tax cut."

About 14 other states no longer charge sales tax on feminine hygiene products.

“After years of trying to repeal this tax, I am proud that we are bringing people together to put Michiganders first and drive down costs on these essential products,” said Governor Gretchen Whitmer in a press release. “Everyone should be able to take care of their most basic healthcare needs without an unnecessary added financial burden. Tomorrow, I will sign the second bill in the package to repeal this tax and cut costs for families as we usher in a new era of prosperity for Michigan.”

Supporters of the bill applaud the move, saying the products are considered a necessity, rather than a luxury, and say they should be exempt from taxation like other medically-necessary products.

Michigan is expected to lose roughly $6.3 million dollars a year under the new guidelines. The state's annual revenue from sales tax is approximately $11 billion, according to reports.

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