Record numbers turned out at the polls yesterday for Michigan's primary election, and at the end of the night Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump walked away winners.

The turnout of voters was so overwhelming that some voting locations actually ran out of ballots.  They were able to still take the votes on photocopied ballots, and count them by hand after polls were closed.

Voters in Michigan gave Bernie Sanders a surprising, yet narrow win, over Hillary Clinton.  Bernie posted a thank you message on his Facebook page.

Trump bragged about his win, and the fact that he was getting even closer to being the Republican party's eventual Presidential Candidate.  Ted Cruz came in second, while Marco Rubio suffered another big defeat.

The one headline that should stand out most to Michigan voters, is the huge number of us that made our voice heard.

Obviously some people will be upset by the results, but we can all be proud that we are heard.


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