A Highland Park Firefighter decided to show what his team does on a daily basis from his point of view.  He strapped a helmet cam on for the entire year filming himself going into amazing burning buildings.

He gives a brief description of why he made the video saying,

This video is to show people what it is like to fight fires, and what firefighters across the nation do every day. The more people who realize, the better it will be for our profession.

The YouTube comments are filled with people criticizing the way that he and his crew attack the fires, but he addresses that as well.

We love doing our job in Highland Park. And we do it often. Our aggressive attack might seem odd to some since most of these are "vacant" homes. But we are here to put fires out and the best way to do that is from the inside. Stay safe brothers...stay low

The job of fighting fires is changing, but it's still one of the most dangerous jobs around.  Salute to the men and women around the country who put their life on line every single day.  It might not always seem like it, but you are greatly appreciated!