Gas prices in Michigan make a pretty uncomfortable jump over the weekend and climb 15 cents in just a few days.

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It's pretty common to see gas prices fluctuate a few cents here and there, but a jump like this is usually reserved for spring and summertime. The new average rate for gas in Michigan is $3.37 a gallon. Now that's 87 cents higher than gas this time last year.  What happen!? Did gas get more special? Can it make my car go faster now?

Crude oil prices hit $90 a barrel putting upward pressure on Michigan pump prices pushing them to a new 2022-high," said Adrienne Woodland, spokesperson, AAA-The Auto Club Group. "If crude prices continue to climb, pump prices will likely follow suit.

These gas prices have reached a new high for motorists and I'm not looking forward to this summer. I feel like these gas prices increases are a part of a huge agenda to push people more towards electric engines. President Joe Biden was in Michigan a few weeks ago to praise Ford and to talk about the future of EV's. This is also hilarious because Tesla wasn't invited (petty). Ford isn't playing games either when it comes to Ev's and has pledged to spend up to $30 billion to make the transition happen.   Nonetheless, the market is making the shift and old gas engines will become collector items as everything around you leans towards electric vehicles.

The only problem with that is electric vehicles are still very expensive. Where I'm from a new EV is about the same price as a house...

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