Here is another reason to keep the mask on, even in the nice weather this weekend. COVID cases are on the rise again in Michigan. Just like EVERY TIME restrictions are lifted. This time though, there is a new player and players in the game. Not only is the virus spreading again, as of Tuesday, Michigan had the second most cases of the British B.1.1.7. virus in America. Only Florida had more with over 500 and it's pretty warm down there. Michigan had over 300 and nearly 200 were in correctional facilities where it will spread quickly. Click here to see my source story.

This variant is believed to be 30 percent more fatal than the original recipe. It is already circulating here in Michigan.

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We are ALL sick of staying safe, wearing masks and talking about this damn virus but this virus isn't done with us. It's adapting and mutating. Experts believe the B.1.1.7. variant will be responsible for the 4th wave, they believe is building right now... When there is a lull and people let their guards down.

The good news is, the Spanish Flu, which actually started here in America, had 4 waves and it ended in March of 1920. The bad news is an estimated 100 million people perished.

More bad news is the California variant, much like the South African variant, gives the virus a cloaking device that evades antibodies. This is a scary read but it's the evolution and hopefully we are evolving towards the end of the game.

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