Reports are coming in showing that COVID-19 cases are up about 27% this week compared to last week. That's way too big of an increase to sitting back and pretending like everything is ok.

Mayor Sheldon Neeley doesn't have any plans right now to enforce more restrictions, but we're definitely moving in the wrong direction.

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COVID-19 cases are also up throughout Genesee County.

In the last week, the health department says they've seen a 27% increase.

Health officials are working to vaccinate people as quickly as possible.

But the department and Mayor Neeley say people also need to do their part, and that's washing your hands, wearing masks and practicing social distancing.

The last thing anyone wants is another setback due to us being impatient. Thankfully the COVID-19 is becoming more available as we tiptoe into 2021. But, just because we've got the vaccine now doesn't mean we can stop with our daily practices. We still have to practice the basics until we can reach herd immunity towards the virus.  Experts are saying we could reach that pretty soon, maybe even sometime in May.

I'm not keeping my hopes up though. I understand this thing doesn't have a definite time limit and every day is a new day. I'm so accustomed to things changing due to COVID-19 I don't even get upset anymore when I hear about new restrictions or closings. Fingers crossed that we can get back to normal life by Summer, but I doubt it...

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