Not a bad time of the year for some urban exploring.

These underground tunnels are something I’ve always wanted to explore. I’ve been to the location countless times,...

Posted by Jordan Garland on Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Jordan Garland is a proud Michigander, a skateboarder, and a filmmaker. One of his other hobbies is urban exploration, which has become big in the last decade or so.

He's in the process of collaborating on a project called A Detroit Film, which is described as a "full-length documentary about Detroit and the culture of our world at large. Our 'Journey To #aDetroitFilm' series takes you with us behind the scenes, on some of our crazy adventures through the city. You can see firsthand just how crazy this journey really is!"

As part of the film, Jordan recently went on an adventure where he explored the infamous tunnels under the city.

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