Michigan does many things well, and selling Christmas Tree's is definitely one of them.

If you've lived in Michigan for any amount of time, this should come as no surprise to you. There are tree farms in pretty much everywhere throughout the state, and that's how we landed near the top of this list. It was announced this week that Michigan ranks third in the country in Christmas Tree sales.

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The Michigan Christmas Tree Association reports that Michigan traditionally sells about 2 Million trees every year. This year, that number is going to increase due to a higher demand for real Christmas trees.

The tree buying season normally starts right after Thanksgiving, but this year people started a little early. I don't know if it is due to the pandemic or what but more and more people are going with real trees this year.

If I had to guess, it feels like everyone has a little more time at home this holiday season. Normally we are all so busy running around to see family, and squeeze in our normal holiday traditions, that it's just easier to throw up the fake tree. With so many places, and events shut down this season, families are finding more time to do new things. One of those new activities is going out to buy a real tree.


It also helps that during that pandemic people are spending more time at home. One of the main reasons we've never had a real tree is because nobody is at home for the majority of the day. We have pets, and we worried about what would happen if we didn't take care of the tree for a couple of days. Now someone is home all the time, so it makes it a little easier to manage a living tree in the house.

If you are one of the millions with a real tree in your house, the MCTA has a few tips on what you should do with the tree after the holidays.

No matter what type of tree you ended up getting this year, I hope you surround it with family and Christmas spirit.


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