Christmas is right around the corner and finding a Christmas tree this year might be a little more difficult than in previous years due to the current global shipment crisis and a drought that took out a good chunk of natural trees.

I've been a fan of fake trees since I was a kid. Less mess, plus they tend to be a lot sturdier, and if you buy a high-quality one it'll last for years! But with 80% of fake trees coming from China, don't expect the shelves to be stocked this year.

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The co-owner of Wahmhoff Farms in Gobles said there are real trees out there this year, it’s just a matter of where you’re going to find them.


"It varies throughout the locations in the country. Some places have had a drought, so they're short on trees. Out in the pacific northwest, they had a real hot dry summer and lost some trees," Dan Wahmhoff said. "There are still trees available, it's just a matter of what variety you're going to find, what size you’re going to find, and where you’re going to find it."

Not all hope is lost it seems, but as we draw closer to Christmas you can expect the stock on trees to be bone dry. Luckily there are a few search engines that can help you locate a Christmas tree in your area before it's too late. Check out the link below and check out the National Christmas Tree Association to grab your tree as soon as possible before it's too late!

Click Here To Find A Christmas Tree In Your Area! 

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