*snort* Tell us something that we didn't already know, Moneygeek.com.

This isn't a surprise, but it's also not something to brag about. According to the Moneygeek.com, Michigan leads the nation as the most dangerous state to drive in during the winter.

We have an average of 49 deaths every winter, with Pennsylvania following us at #2 with 30 deaths per year. That's a big gap.

I'm gonna say it, and it's not a popular opinion but I've got the cajones to do it and the experience, too - Michigan is NEVER prepared for winter. The roads are badly taken care of the rest of the year and, during winter storms, they're badly cared for AT ALL. I grew up in Wisconsin, where they were prepared for a storm the night before and plowed non-stop. School was NEVER canceled. Now that we've moved here, I honestly can't believe how little preparation there is for winter. You'd think we live in Arizona.


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