More severe weather is expected to hit Mid-Michigan this week. With thunderstorms popping up last week mixed with hail and a bit of flash flooding. It's a recipe for more headaches for homes owners in Michigan.

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Both Monday afternoon/evening and Tuesday afternoon/evening hold severe risks, but Tuesday remains the next primary concern.

 Monday afternoon and evening, mainly after 2pm, brings an isolated risk for strong to severe storms.
 Tuesday expect strong to severe storms are possible mainly after 2/3pm and are most likely in the area south of the Saginaw Bay.Strong wind gusts, larger hail, and some isolated torrential rainfall are the most likely risks.


There is just enough of a setup for a weak spin-up tornado risk, but this remains the lowest concern at the moment.

Monday seems like it won't be as bad as Tuesday is setting up to be. I just hope it doesn't get as bad as it did last week when hailstones near Cadillac MI came down and pelted the whole area like nothing I've seen before in Michigan. The hail was coming down so bad that it brought traffic to a complete standstill. Check that video out by clicking here.

Not to mention the ridiculous amount of flooding that's been affecting Michigan this year. There are thousands of people that still haven't recovered from the bigger floods that happened earlier this year. Don't get caught off guard this year. We now know that flooding is a real concern for us Michiganders. Do yourself a favor and apply for flood insurance on your home.  Same principles as a condom, better to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it...


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