Michigan students are not getting the education funding they need according to a new study from Michigan State University.

The MSU study looked at each states education funding increases over the last 25 years, and the study did not bode well for Michigan. The results show that over the last 25 years funding in Michigan has dropped more than any other state in country when inflation is factored in.

You can see the complete study here. It shows that spending has increased over the 25 year time period, but the rate has dropped by 30% since 2002. The study put their results bluntly in the report saying,

After adjusting for inflation, Michigan’s education funding in 2015 was only 82 percent of what it was in 1995 — worse than any other state

David Arsen lead the study, and had some pretty harsh words for Michigan lawmakers who made the education funding decisions over the last two decades.

Michigan has tried to improve schools on the cheap, focusing on more accountability and school choice. To make those policies effective, they have to be matched with adequate funding. We have been kidding ourselves to think we can move forward while cutting funding for schools

Michigan schools are a bit of a mess right now, with falling test scores and a severe divide about the future direction.

Lawmakers want to decide what is best for our schools, while teachers and administrators are fighting to have their voice heard. It only makes sense that teachers should have a voice in these debates. They are the ones dealing with the growing problems every day.

Nobody ever became a teacher to become rich. The job is a labor of love, and someone who sacrifices so much for their profession should be one of the main decision makers.

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