Former Michigan lottery winner was arrested on Monday for using a Bridge Card after receiving one million dollars.  The Michigan resident was on State assistance before winning the lottery but decided to continue using State funds after receiving her winnings. 

Now I am no genius but I don't think you would need to use a Bridge Card to buy groceries after you are sitting on one million dollars.  I really couldn't believe that this Michigan resident didn't think it was wrong to keep receiving State Aid after lottery money of that amount.  I wish no harm to anyone but this crazy.

If you were the judge sentencing this Michigan resident, what would be here punishment? Leave a comment below of the punishment you would give to this resident.

Amanda Clayton, 25, of Lincoln Park, was arrested Monday following an investigation by the state in response to news reports that she continued to use her Bridge Card after winning $1 million in the Michigan Lottery's game show "Make Me Rich!" in September 2011.

“It’s simply common sense that million dollar lottery winners forfeit their right to public assistance,” Attorney General Bill Schuette said in a statement. “We will continue to work with local, state and federal authorities to uphold state laws intended to ensure wise stewardship of taxpayer dollars.”

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