A $70 furntire set turned out to be worth a lot more - I am talking over $40,000 dollars more.

Ovid resident, Howard Kirby, bought the set at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Owosso. Once Kirby got the furniture home, he and his daughter noticed the couch did not feel right. I'll say - there was $43,170 cash inside of a cushion. Can you even imagine?

Now the tough part - do you keep it, or return it? Howard Kirby returned it. Don't get it twisted, Mr. Kirby did indeed think about keeping the money. He even contacted a lawyer, who told him he could legally keep the cash.

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Here is another kicker, the Newberry family (who donated the couch after a family members death), had NO idea the money was inside of the couch cushion. As you will see in the video above, the Newberry's were hoping for letters or pictures. The outcome was obviously much different.

Mr. Kirby, you sir are a very good man. No word if the Newberry's gave him any reward money - but I sure hope they did. Also, if you bought ANY furniture from a thrift store - slice open the cushions immediately.

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